Willie and Glynda, along with their 4 children moved to Rankin County from Dothan, Alabama in 1979. With a step out on faith, they built their first greenhouse that year and began growing plants wholesale only. By 1986, they had a successful wholesale business with 16 greenhouses and had decided to take the next step…so they built a small rack outside in front of one of the greenhouses and began selling to the public.

Now, thanks to our loyal customers, the retail operation, Rivers Greenhouse and Garden, Inc., has 10 greenhouses and an outdoor tree/shrub area where we grow and sell. We owe all of our success to God and our great customers.

Currently Willie and Glynda have retired and their children now own the businesses. Rivers Greenhouse and Garden is managed by their daughter, Joy Rivers Faulkner and daughter-in-law, Rhonda Rivers. The grandchildren also add a helping hand. The excellent work done by all of our employees make our businesses successful.